New Kickstarter Project for the Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy!

Seventh Star Press is proud to announce a new Kickstarter project to support the release of the Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Michael Knost. Here is the link to the Kickstarter Page where you can view a new short film from Allotrope Media that relates to this project and see the various levels of participation if you would like to help us make this book a reality. Here is a brief description of the book and collaborators involved: The Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy is a collection of essays and interviews with some of most influential names in the industry; each article covering a specific element of the craft of writing science fiction and fantasy.  The collaborators in this wonderful anthology include: Neil Gaiman -- “Where Do You Get Your Ideas?” Orson Scott Card -- “On Rhetoric and Style.” Lou Anders -- “Nebulous Matters, or Speculations on Subgenre.” Lucy Snyder -- “Ursula K. LeGuin Talks About A Lifetime in the Craft.” James Gunn -- “Beginnings.” George Zebrowski -- “Middles.” Jay Lake -- “Endings.” Nayad Monroe -- “Tim Powers Talks About Writing Supernatural Awe and More.” Pam Sargent -- “Talking Too Much, or Not Enough: Dialogue in Science Fiction and Fantasy.” G. Cameron Fuller -- “How Alien the Alien: A Primer on Viewpoint.” Nancy Kress -- “The Green-Skinned Zorn Laughed With Grief: Character and Emotion in Science Fiction and Fantasy.” Harry Turtledove -- “Alternate History: the How-To of What Might Have Been.” Jude-Marie Green-- “Larry Niven Talks About the Collaborative Process.” Joe Haldeman -- “Hemingway Talks About Writing.” Nisi Shawl -- “Unbending Gender.” Alan Dean Foster -- “Reverse Engineering: Writing Novelizations.” Alethea Kontis -- “Kevin J. Anderson Talks About Spin-off Novels and Prequels.” Elizabeth Bear -- “Tactics of Worldbuilding.” Jackie Gamber--"Ann Vandermeer Talks About Weird Fiction" Michael Knost -- Short fiction editors Ellen Datlow, Stanley Schmidt, Gordon Van Gelder, James Patrick Kelly, Mike Resnick, and John Joseph Adams discuss what they are looking for when reading submissions.

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