Peter Welmerink Welcomed to SSP Author Family!

For Immediate Release September 12, 2013 Seventh Star Press Proudly Welcomes Peter Welmerink to Our Author Family!


Seventh Star Press is proud to welcome Peter Welmerink to its author family with the addition of the Transport Series, a military thriller of the post-apocalyptic kind, with zombies! The horror-laced series debuts with the release of the first novella, Transport, in early 2014. Transport begins in the year 2025. When Commissioner Wilhelm DeGage's helicopter goes down in hostile territory, it is up to Captain Jacob "Jake" Billet and his crew to bring the official home. With only an armored personnel carrier, Jake and his crew brave the infected lands, pushed to the limits of their honor in order to protect DeGage despite the horror of his past transgressions.  And then there are the zombies. Getting from Point A to Point B has never been so dangerous. Regarding coming aboard Seventh Star Press, Peter said, "Outside of the kick-ass books/titles SSP puts out, from the people I have spoken to who have worked or are working with SSP, SSP seems a very author-centric publisher, meaning they seem to really work and care for their crew of literary artisans. I want to work just as hard for a publisher if they appear to want to work just as hard for me, the author. Like I said, the people I have spoken to who have or do work with SSP say this is so. I want to be under that roof, in that family." Peter Welmerink has been published in various online and wood pulp publications, mainly in the realms of Dark Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery. Peter's biggest novel endeavor to date was a collaborative effort with Steven L. Shrewsbury, entitled Bedlam Unleashed. His most recent published short story was published in Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous.  His is married with a small barbarian horde consisting of three rambunctious boys. Peter can be found at his website  or his blog     Seventh Star Press is a publisher of speculative fiction based in Lexington Kentucky.  For further information on the press or the forthcoming Peter Welmerink titles, please visit

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