Steven Shrewsbury’s Philistine! eBook Available! Cover and Illustrations Unveiled!

Seventh Star Press is proud to unveil the new cover art and illustrations by the award-winning Matthew Perry for Steven Shrewsbury's epic-scale sword and sorcery novel Philistine!  The eBook version of Philistine is available as of today with the print version to follow the first week of February.
Readers who enjoy Steven's acclaimed Gorias La Gaul tales, featured in novels such as Thrall and Overkill, and the short story collection Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul, will love Philistine!  Set in the same world as the Gorias La Gaul stories, Philistine tells the story of the giant warrior Goliath, with all the trademark elements that have sparked many to comment on a Robert E. Howard-like spirit to be found within Shrewsbury's work. Philistine is also the first book of a new collection, called A Tale of Goliath, which will feature more adventures with the time, setting, and characters to be found in the novel. Pick up Philistine today for just $3.99 on Kindle or Nook (Kobo, iBookstore, and other versions will be live shortly)
Interior illustration by Matthew Perry from Philistine
Interior illustration by Matthew Perry from Philistine
Synopsis: The Philistines, a mysterious warrior people known now for mainly one man: Goliath. The giant. Goliath. A name grander than even the man himself. You've heard of his infamous end at the hands of a shepherd as written in a famous book, but what of the life of the man himself? What book tells his tale? A warrior among warriors, a son of a god, a living legend. Goliath, the warrior champion of the Philistines. On the battlefield, he runs like a horse, wields killing instruments no normal man may heft, and revels in the fear his presence evokes. Off the field, his will is immutable, his trust invaluable, and his appetites unbearable. Goliath. This man knows no challenge. But such a reputation will not discourage all men. Scheming rulers and generals, prophetic priests and powerful cults, dauntless warriors looking to make their own legend. Monsters. Gods. For one seemingly unkillable, at the very least, these things can ruin an otherwise pleasant day. Along with his shield bearer, Abimelech, and soldiers more in awe than they are useful, Goliath will set out on missions for kings, face foul magic users, and walk in the shadows of mysterious halls. History tells us Goliath died at the hands of an Israelite. Goliath may have something to say about that. Philistine is the first Tale of Goliath, set in the same world as Steven Shrewsbury's novels such as Overkill and Thrall, and his Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul short stories.
About Steven: Steven L. Shrewsbury, from Central Illinois, enjoys football, history, politics and good fiction. Over 300 of his short stories have been published in print or digital media. His small press novels include OVERKILL, HELL BILLY, THRALL, BAD MAGICK, BEDLAM UNLEASHED, STRONGER THAN DEATH, HAWG, TORMENTOR, GODFORSAKEN, the forthcoming PHILISTINE and BLACK SON RISING. These titles run from horror to historical high fantasy. He tries to drown out the rumors that he is Robert E. Howard reincarnated with beer. When not wrangling his sons, he can be found outside in his happy place.

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