Eric Garrison’s New Road Ghosts eBook Short Story, Spectral Delivery!

Seventh Star Press is proud to announce the availability of a new Road Ghosts Story from Eric Garrison, the eBook short story "Spectral Delivery"!
Featuring new cover art by Kirsten Maloney, and edited by Kathy Watness and R.J. Sullivan, the story is from the same world that includes Eric's Road Ghosts Trilogy books such as Four 'til Late and Sinking Down. The eBook short story is perfect for Valentine's day and is available for only 99 cents for the Kindle, Nook, iBookstore, Kobo, and other reading devices. Pick up "Spectral Delivery" today at the links below!
Synopsis of "Spectral Delivery": Meet Enid, a pizza delivery trainee who's stuck riding along with ghost-geek Brett on Valentine's Day night. Her boyfriend begs her to try to get off early, but things get weirder and weirder as she and Brett find paranormal activity at every stop. Fascinated, Enid finds herself pulled into Brett's shadowy world as they race to get hot pizza to their final destination, and see that love is a tie that binds spirits long after death. "Spectral Delivery" is a Road Ghosts Story, part of the world that includes the Road Ghost Trilogy books such as Four 'til Late and Sinking Down.
About the Author: Eric Garrison is active in the writing community in Indianapolis, Indiana. He lives in the Circle City with his wife, step-daughter and a cabal of cats. He also enjoys gaming, home brewing beer, and finding innovative uses for duct tape. Eric’s novel, Reality Check, is a science fiction adventure released by Hydra Publications. Reality Check reached #1 in Science Fiction on during a promotion in July 2013. Seventh Star Press is the home of Eric’s supernatural fantasy series, Road Ghosts, including Four ‘til Late, Sinking Down, and the upcoming Me and the Devil. Follow Eric’s further adventures on

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