New Essay Collection from Best-Selling Author D.A. Adams Now Available on Kindle!

Seventh Star Press is proud to announce a very special eBook release from best-selling author D.A. Adams, The Ramblings of D.A. Adams, available now on Kindle and soon on all other eBook formats.
The Kindle version is available for $2.99 and may be found here: D.A. Adams is well-known for his popular fantasy series The Brotherhood of Dwarves. The Ramblings of D.A. Adams represents his first non-fiction release, a collection of essays and articles that introduce readers to the kind of person that D.A. Adams is. Included in this special title are a number of personal photographs gathered from his private collection. So what are his “Ramblings” about in his own words? As D.A. Adams describes them: “The following are various pieces I’ve written over the years on a diverse range of topics. Some are meant as humor, some as inspiration, some as diatribes against the absurdities of the human condition. All are intended as my attempts to make sense of this world and its paradoxes and pitfalls. The ideas and opinions expressed are based on my experiences and observations and very little else. Hope you enjoy them and find a nugget or two of wisdom that helps you get through your day.” The Ramblings of D.A. Adams are a truthful, bold, and very personal expression by one of today’s rising voices in speculative fiction.
About D.A. Adams: D.A. Adams was born in Florida but was raised in East Tennessee. He received a Master of Arts in Writing from the University of Memphis in 1999 and has taught college English for over a decade. His first novel, The Brotherhood of Dwarves, was released in 2005 and has been described as a solid, honest work about camaraderie, bravery, and sacrifice, a very personal journey, more interested in the ways that a person is changed by life's events than in epic battles and high magic. In 2008, the sequel, Red Sky at Dawn, was released to the exaltation that this novel thunders along, at times with dizzying speed. The action is visceral and imaginative without being gratuitous. Book three, The Fall of Dorkhun, came out in 2011, followed by book four, Between Dark and Light, in 2012. In terms of writing style, Adams exhibits an effortless narrative voice and a masterful balance between richly detailed descriptions and tightly worded minimalism. The pacing of his stories is breathtaking, with relentless action and captivating plot twists that keep readers riveted page after page. But his true talent as a writer lies in character development. Readers find themselves empathizing with, fearing for, and cheering on the characters as they overcome their personal shortcomings and grow as fully rendered individuals. Adams is also the father of two wonderful sons and, despite his professional accomplishments, maintains that they are his greatest achievement in life. He resides in East Tennessee.

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