Seventh Star Press Announces Daniel Dark as Newest Member of Author Family!

Seventh Star Press is proud to announce Daniel Dark as the newest member of our author family, with two series that will bring readers dark Victorian experiences within the pages of his Knife's Tell and Richard Mobius novels! Blending horror and erotic elements, the Knife's Tell novels begin with the self-titled first installment.  The release of Knife's Tell is planned for October of 2017 in both print and eBook formats, beginning a release schedule that will see at least one title published a year. "Daniel Dark is a wonderful addition to our author family," Stephen Zimmer of Seventh Star Press commented. "He has a unique voice as a writer, with a visceral, erotic style of horror.  He lives and breathes the kind of Victorian atmosphere depicted in the settings of his books. Daniel is an author who has a genuine passion for his work and readers are going to find him a masterful storyteller." View a video synopsis of Knife's Tell from Daniel Dark here:
  About Knife's Tell: In 1888 one of the most notorious serial killers in history plagued London's East Side. Knife's Tell is not about those murders, but the life behind them. What would cause a normal person to slay in such a horrific way? Daniel Dark has explored an alternative tale of a doctor lost in reality trying to correct his past. With the help of his personal servant, he searches the Chapel for answers about his connection to the man with the knife. Where did he come from? And how is the doctor part of his plans for escaping the police at every turn? Read Knife's Tell to learn the story behind the blade that killed London.   About Daniel Dark: Daniel Dark, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, grew up with homicide every day. Having a homicide detective as a father, he was able to learn about those that were brought to justice, and the ones that were not. Spending many hours in Central police headquarters and in his grandfathers hematology lab gave Daniel an unusual childhood and a love for science. Along with this, his great uncle owned the oldest book store in Nashville. His parents took him there regularly, where developed a love of reading and found out about history. Daniel went on to become an Electrical Engineer and Industrial Maintenance Manager till NAFTA took away his job. A year later he went to culinary school and studied Victorian cooking, after which he opened a Victorian-style restaurant. He became a heart and stroke survivor at fifty years old, where he used writing to rehabilitate his brain. The first book written by Daniel was on Victorian Catsup, which had over two hundred catsup recipes in it from the late 1700's to 1910, with over sixty different flavors.  Daniel used the book to start his 1876 Catsup company as Mr Catsup. Knife's Tell represents his debut novel as an author.