H. David Blalock’s Traitor Angel Blog Tour Sign-Up

H. David Blalock Traitor Angel Blog Tour Sign-up! The followup to one of the most thought-provoking titles released in the urban fantasy world in 2011 is being introduced with a wonderful blog tour!  That's right, Traitor Angel, book two of the Angelkiller Triad from H. David Blalock is going to take you further into a world that fuses the supernatural with the technological. Synopsis of Traitor Angel: "Jonah Mason and his team have faced down one Minion of The Enemy, but that was only the beginning. Minions never work alone, and it will take the combined resources of Mason's team and all three Knights to penetrate the security protecting Andlat Enterprises, the global conglomerate run by Dorian Azrael. The first step in taking down Azrael and his empire is neutralizing the mysterious Andreal, who may have an agenda of his own. An agenda that could mean pitting Mason's team against yet another major Minion or possibly finding an unlikely ally." So come on aboard for an exciting and harrowing urban fantasy adventure! Choose date options and activity preferences below!

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