The Brotherhood of Dwarves

The dwarven saga begins…

Roskin, heir to the throne of a remote, peaceful kingdom of dwarves, cravesexcitement and adventure. Outside his own kingdom, in search of fortune andglory, he finds a much different world, one divided by racial strife andoverrun by war. The orcs to the south want to conquer all dwarves and sellthem as slaves. The humans to the east want to control the world’s resources. Caught in the middle, Roskin finds himself chased by slavetraders and soldiers alike as he discovers that friendship is the bestfortune of all. Just when he thinks he has triumphed, an act of betrayalsends him into bondage. His only hope of escape is the faltering courage ofa disgraced warrior whose best days are behind him…

The Artwork of The Brotherhood of Dwarves by Bonnie Wasson:

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  Reviews of The Brotherhood of Dwarves: The Independent Review

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