The Fall of Dorkhun

  The dwarven saga continues… The Fall of Dorkuhn, the third installment in The Brotherhood of Dwarves series, continues the adventures of the dwarf Roskin.  Having escaped slavery, and survived the Battle for Hard Hope, Roskin returns home to a kingdom divided by war with the ogres. On one side, his father desires to restore peace.  On the other, Master Sondious, hungry for revenge after having been crippled, seeks to escalate the aggression.  Roskin and his friends hasten to the capital, to make a desperate attempt to resolve the growing rift, but unknown to the dwarves, new and powerful menaces threaten to destroy the entire kingdom…  
The Artwork of The Fall of Dorkhun by Bonnie Wasson: (Click on image to bring up larger image to view, click on image to close)
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