We are pleased to announce four brand new titles on Kindle and Nook!

Four New Kindle and Nook Titles!

For all of you horror fans, especially those who have enjoyed Michael West’s Spook House and Cinema of Shadows, we are pleased to offer The Wide Game for the very first time as an eBook!   Just $3.99 for the Kindle version too!


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If you are more into Urban Fantasy, we have John F. Allen’s The God Killers, the first book of The God Killers Legacy!  Meet Ivory Blaque, one of the stars of this series.  If you like Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden novels, you will really enjoy this great new series!  Just $3.99 for the Kindle Version!


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Maybe you’d like a humor-laced paranormal thriller?  If so, we’ve got the book for you!  Four ‘Til Late, the first book of the Road Ghosts trilogy from Eric Garrison.  Supernatural, adventurous, and funny too! Also just $3.99 for the Kindle version.


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And last, but not least, we’ve got a new YA Steampunk novel for you, The Boxcar Baby, the first book in the Steel Roots series from J.L. Mulvihill.  This one will appeal to steampunk, dystopian, and alternate history fans alike!  Just $3.99 on Kindle!


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New Video Trailer for H. David Blalock’s Traitor Angel Now Up!

A new video trailer is now up for H. David Blalock’s Traitor Angel, the second title of his highly-acclaimed Angelkiller Triad.  If you’ve read the books, help spread the word, and if you have not, discover what these books are all about.  One of the most thought-provoking urban fantasy series to be published in recent years, the Angelkiller Triad fuses the supernatural and the technological in a thrilling tale chock full of action and intrigue.

Enjoy the trailer and be sure to share it on your social media platforms!