Michael West Special Offer for Hades’ Disciples

Seventh Star Press has a special offer for Michael West's Hades' Disciples, the latest book in the Legacy of the Gods Series. Final_Hades_Disciples650X433

Synopsis of Hades' Disciples: Terrifying creatures exist all around us, hiding in plain sight. Ancient. Deadly. They gather in secret, conspiring, dreaming of nothing less than humanity’s destruction, and their numbers are growing. Earl Preston knows the danger all too well. After tangling with a horde of mythological sea monsters in Colonial Bay, he has been tasked with finding these beasts and exposing their plans whatever they may be. But Earl is not the only one with a mystery on their hands. At the very top of the world, Carol Miyagi has stumbled onto an artifact from Earth’s past, something magnificent held captive in a prison of ice and snow. Now, Carol and Earl must work quickly to decipher the will of the gods–a plot that defies imagination–and to stop their followers from carrying it out. They thought the nightmare was over, but they are about to discover that the horror has only just begun. This special hardcover edition is limited to 75 copies, signed and numbered. The price for the limited edition hardcover is $36.95 plus shipping and handling, and includes the eBook version of Hades' Disciples in both Mobi and ePub formats, covering Kindles, Nooks, iPads, Kobo Devices, and many others. You may order securely via credit card or by Pay Pal. Reserve your Limited Edition Hardcover of Hades' Disciples for $36.95 plus $6.50 shipping and handling (While supplies lasts):
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How about Book One in the Legacy of the Gods series, Poseidon's Children? If you happened to miss the Poseidon's Children limited edition hardcovers, we still have a few left, but when they are gone, they are gone.  If you take advantage of this special offer, the Poseidon's Children Hardcover will be shipped with Hades' Disciples. Legacy of the Gods Special! Add Poseidon's Children Limited Hardcover for $36.95 with no additional shipping and handling (while supplies lasts):
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PoseidonsChildren We are also still taking orders for the limited edition hardcover of The Wide Game if you would like to add one to your order. Did you miss The Wide Game Limited Edition Hardcover? You can pick it up for $36.95 with shipping and handling (while supplies last):
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Hades' Disciples Hardcovers are currently in print an will be sent for signing to Michael West within the week of November 22nd with shipping immediately award. . MichaelWestHadesPhotoSM