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New Advice Series for Creatives from Author/Filmmaker Stephen Zimmer on YouTube!

Tip Trifecta, a new advice series for creatives from award-winning Seventh Star Press author and filmmaker Stephen Zimmer, made it's debut today on Stephen's YouTube channel. The videos will be short in format, less than 2 1/2 minutes in length, featuring 3 pieces of advice, or tips, on a theme of relevance to independent creatives. You can see the first one right here and if you enjoy it, be sure to subscribe to Stephen's YouTube channel!  

Jacob and Jenny Floyd Join Seventh Star Press Family With Kentucky’s Haunted Mansions!

Seventh Star Press is proud to announce that Jacob and Jenny Floyd have joined our family of authors with their exciting new non-fiction title Kentucky's Haunted Mansions! Set for release in late October in print and eBook formats, Kentucky's Haunted Mansions represents a new area of non-fiction for Seventh Star Press. As authors, longtime paranormal investigators, and professional tour guides, Jacob and Jenny Floyd have all of the qualifications firmly in place for a title such as Kentucky's Haunted Mansions! "Kentucky's Haunted Mansions brings together history and the investigation of the paranormal in an entertaining way," Seventh Star Press representative Stephen Zimmer said.  "Jacob and Jenny are great guides on the topic and their writing makes for a captivating read.  This will be of special interest in the state of Kentucky but definitely have national, and even international appeal.  We are very excited about some of the new markets we can explore as a press and thrilled to have Jacob and Jenny aboard!  We look forward to developing this book into other new projects with them in the future!" Synopsis of Kentucky's Haunted Mansions: Kentucky's Haunted Mansions, the new book by paranormal authors, Jacob and Jenny Floyd, will take you into the homes of the dignitaries and luminaries that made Kentucky industrious through business, bureaucracy, and bloodshed. Beyond the rich, sweeping history that these men wrote, there lies the spiritual energy their lives left behind. Some of these mansions are alleged to be haunted, and many ghostly reports have come out of them. Phantoms such as the angry young girl at Griffin Gate to the vanishing cat of the Loudoun House, or the Aging Lady on the stairs at Elmwood, and the Creature of the Cross Breeze at Wickland Estate, read about some of the most elegant and haunted homes across the commonwealth. But rest assured, foolish mortals, there are no hitchhiking ghosts here—that we know of! About the Authors: Jacob and Jenny Floyd (also known as The Frightening Floyds) are paranormal authors, ghost hunters, and tour operators from Louisville, Kentucky. Jenny is a sensitive and an empath that has been around the paranormal for years. Jacob Floyd has been a writer and paranormal enthusiast for years and enjoys all things creepy and macabre. They recently began two tours in Kentucky—the Shepherdsville History and Haunts Tour and the NuLu History and Haunts Tour—and have been a part of numerous ghost hunts in graveyards, hotels, and other various buildings. They live in a home surrounded by pets and one possible ghost.

Seventh Star Press Announces Michael Williams as Newest Member of Author Family!

Seventh Star Press is proud to announce Michael Williams as the newest member of our author family with his visionary literary project, the mythical realism City Quartet novels! The City Quartet represents an ambitious and unique literary project from the highly-acclaimed author of early novels in the best-selling DRAGONLANCE series such as Weasel’s Luck and Galen Beknighted. The project will see revised editions of the novels Trajan's Arch and Vine: An Urban Legend, and the releases of the third and fourth books in the City Quartet, Dominic's Ghosts and Tattered Men. Release dates for the revised editions of Trajan's Arch and Vine: An Urban Legend will be announced very soon, along with the release date for Dominic's Ghosts. Tattered Men will have a 2018 release date. The City Quartet novels will be released in both print and eBook formats. "It is a great honor to be able to work with Michael to bring this project to readers everywhere," Stephen Zimmer of Seventh Star Press commented. "The City Quartet weaves together exceptional literary quality and masterful storytelling, and these books represent a great contribution to the literary world, as well as being engaging, entertaining reads. A project like this does not come along often for a press and we are thrilled to be a part of bringing Michael's vision to life." About the City Quartet: Four books (to be read in any order) centering on a mid-Southern city in which familiar human stories—coming of age, romantic triangles, political conspiracies, and crime investigations—take mythic form, and characters, anchored in the everyday, glimpse larger, inevitable patterns in the world around them. The first book of the City Quartet is Trajan’s Arch, where a young man’s coming of age is haunted by his past, both figuratively and literally. The second book is Vine: An Urban Legend, in which an amateur performance of Euripides’ The Bacchae is disrupted by the god himself. The two novels may already be familiar to Williams’ readers, but they are the first members of the quartet, revised and re-visioned to fit a new, mythically charged world. They will be joined by two other volumes: Dominic’s Ghosts, in which a silent film festival sparks an invasion of the city by figures from Central Europe’s nightmarish past, and Tattered Men, in which a burnt-out middle-aged writer, investigating the apparent murder of a homeless man, finds that the victim has traveled through worlds unimaginably large and ancient. Each of these books can stand alone, but readers will discover that plots, characters, and patterns spill from one book to another, until the City Quartet forms a coherent, mythical world that celebrates our own mysteries and interconnections. More about Michael: Over the past 25 years, Michael Williams has written a number of strange novels, from the early Weasel’s Luck and Galen Beknighted in the best-selling DRAGONLANCE series to the more recent lyrical and experimental Arcady, singled out for praise by Locus and Asimov’s magazines. His most recent books are Trajan’s Arch and Vine, an Urban Legend—novels he characterizes as “mythical realism”: in Trajan’s Arch, stories fold into stories and a boy grows up with ghostly mentors, and Vine mingles Greek tragedy and urban legend, as a local dramatic production in a small city goes humorously, then horrifically, awry. Williams was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and spent much of his childhood in the south central part of the state, the red-dirt gothic home of Appalachian foothills and legends of Confederate guerrillas. Through good luck and a roundabout journey he made his way through New England, New York, Wisconsin, Britain and Ireland, and has ended up less than thirty miles from where he began. He has a Ph.D. in Humanities, and teaches at the University of Louisville, where he focuses on the the Modern Fantastic in fiction and film. He is married, and has two grown sons. Follow Michael and his project online at: Facebook For more on Seventh Star Press, visit: www.seventhstarpress.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/seventhstarpress Twitter: @7thStarPress Instagram: @7thStarPress

Carl R. Moore Welcomed to Seventh Star Press Author Family

Seventh Star Press is proud to welcome Carl R. Moore into our family of authors.  His collection of horror, crime noir, and alt-mythology titled A Slash of Crimson and other Tales, was edited by Margie Colton, and is set to be released in early summer of this year in both print and eBook formats. "We are thrilled to have Carl aboard with us," said Seventh Star Press founding member Stephen Zimmer.  "Carl worked with a fantastic editor in Margie Colton, in developing this collection, and the results are exceptional.  Carl is very dedicated to the craft of writing, and I have no doubt that readers of many different genres are going to love his work." Synopsis of Slash of Crimson and Other TalesSlash of Crimson and Other Tales offers two novellas and six short stories that combine an intoxicating mix of horror, crime noir, and alt-mythology. From its title story about a young guitarist and street rough who takes a harrowing journey with a red-eyed beauty who claims she’s from Atlantis, through the half-dozen brutal and bitterly sardonic tales of souls tortured by demons and far worse, to the final novella of trust-destroying lust, the collection delivers a deliciously disturbing feast full of fire, shadow, and infernal intrigue. About Carl R. Moore: Carl R. Moore lives in upstate New York with his wife Sarah and two daughters, Maddy and Izzy. His fiction has appeared in Thuglit, Macabre Cadaver, and numerous other magazines and anthologies. When he’s not writing or working the night shift, he enjoys listening to heavy metal, plucking steel-string guitar, and walking miles through the woods. Follow Carl on Twitter at: @carlrmoore Carl R. Moore's Blog: https://carlrmoore.com

Author’s Guide to Marketing With Teeth Now Available in eBook Format!

Seventh Star Press is proud to announce that the eBook version of Author's Guide to Marketing With Teeth by Bram Stoker Award-winner Michael Knost is now available in eBook format! AuthorsGuideMarketingWithTeeth1200

It is currently live on the following platforms:




Synopsis: Author’s Guide to Marketing with Teeth is a collection of essays and interviews on marketing and advertising for authors and books. Michael Knost has spent more than a quarter of a century in marketing, working in the radio, television, and newspaper industries, as well as serving as marketing director and chief marketing officer for several large companies, including those in the automotive industry. Mr. Knost has taken the lessons he’s learned from his extensive experience and captured the best tips and advice for authors (or anyone in the publishing industry) who hopes to increase sales and/or name brand recognition. Each chapter covers a different subject with tips on theory and execution. And let’s not forget the interviews. Michael is also including several with successful authors to learn about their personal marketing strategies—from when they began their careers to now. You’ll hear from superstars such as Charlaine Harris, Diana Gabaldon, Jonathan Maberry, Kevin J. Anderson, Lucy A. Snyder, and Dan Poynter.

Seventh Star Press Announces Call for Entries on New Anthology Co-Edited by David J. Guyton and Stephen Zimmer

For Immediate Release February 11, 2013 Seventh Star Press proudly announces a call for entries for Fires of Liberty (Volume One): A Speculative Fiction Celebration of Freedom, the first release of an exciting new anthology series that will be as inspiring as it is thought-provoking. Co-edited by David J. Guyton and Stephen Zimmer, the anthology challenges authors to explore what freedom really means, and the unique value of the individual, within a speculative fiction environment.  Fires of Liberty is an invitation to exploration, celebration, and self-discovery. The project welcomes stories of 2,000 to 10,000 words in size  from all corners of the speculative fiction world, including science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, alternate history, dystopian, and more.  Special consideration for inclusion is being given to stories that are prequels, or preludes, to an author's existing or upcoming series.  Fires of Liberty is scheduled for a Fall 2013 release in trade paperback and eBook formats, and will feature cover art from one of SSP's award-winning artists. The themes of the anthology are very close to heart for both of the project's editors, who are speculative fiction authors with ongoing series that explore the kinds of themes to be featured in Fires of Liberty. David J. Guyton is a fantasy author and artist currently residing in the eastern United States.  He is known for his Legend of Reason series, a fantasy saga which currently features three titles, Mighty Hammer Down, Blood and Bronze, and Soul Under the Mountain. Stephen Zimmer is an author and filmmaker residing in Lexington, Kentucky.  His work as an author includes the epic-scale, urban fantasy Rising Dawn Saga, the epic fantasy Fires in Eden series, the Harvey and Solomon steampunk tales, and the forthcoming Hellscapes horror stories. "David and I are really excited about Fires of Liberty," Stephen remarked.  "The themes are very important to both of us, and we are really looking forward to seeing some very inspiring and insightful stories brought to life as a result of this project.  The life of an author requires an independent streak, the pursuit of a dream, self-determination and self-motivation, so I am very confident that all kinds of writers will be able to connect and resonate with the themes featured in this anthology." The deadline for story submissions is June 1, 2013, and full information on the anthology project can be found at: http://www.seventhstarpress.com/submissions/     Contact: C.C. James Public Relations, Seventh Star Press ccjames (at) seventhstarpress.com Seventh Star Press is a small press publisher of speculative fiction located in Lexington Kentucky