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Gray Widow’s Web Special Signed Pre-order Offer!

Get a signed copy of Gray Widow’s Web, the next exciting installment in the Gray Widow Trilogy from Dan Jolley!

Grey Widow's Web_Final_1200X800

Visit the following pre-order page to see full information on this offer, as well as a special video introduction from Dan regarding the new book!


Nathan Day Welcomed To Seventh Star Press Author Family

Seventh Star Press is proud to welcome Nathan Day into our family of authors. Orphan Surfacing, the first novel in the epic-scale, cross-genre Orphan Saga, will be released in print and eBook editions this summer!

“Nathan Day is a tremendous addition to the Seventh Star Press family,” said Stephen Zimmer, a founding member of Seventh Star Press. “Readers are going to be enthralled with the Orphan Saga, which defies categorization. Truly a brilliant cross-genre series with loads of action and intellectual depth. This series definitely speaks to our times, and Nathan’s talent brings it alive.”

Synopsis of Orphan:

God is dead.

The war between Heaven and Hell had waged for eons, spiraling towards its inevitable conclusion as the Book of Revelations began to unfold. Mankind, most unknowingly or unbelievingly caught in the crossfire, had played small but critical roles throughout its history. But when an unimaginable act resets the balance of power, no outcome remains guaranteed and all of creation teeters on the brink of oblivion.

A dark stage has been set.

Heaven falls silent. Its once glorious armies plunge into disarray while their hellish counterparts thrive unattested. The demon Uzahl sews corruption as it stalks Traci Nicholas and her son, Solomon, whose mysterious gifts surge in strength.

Something stirs.

After turning from God, Athiel had spent four decades in the depths of the Pacific reconciling his lost faith with the suffrage he had witnessed. Suddenly he is jolted awake and inexplicably drawn back to the surface and the world of man, no longer sure to which world he belongs.
Kings advance their pawns.

The enigmatic Manuel Valdez watches events unfold, sending deadly S.W.A.R.M. assault teams to eradicate angelic and demonic targets to further his shadowy agenda.
Hope remains.

In the city of Lanza del los Santos, the Big Apple of the West, stands the Cathedral of Saint Michael. Within its walls the angelic captain Dycliasses safeguards Joseph, a charismatic young priest scarred by a terrifying vision. If they can survive the enemy at their gates they may yet have a chance to stem the growing darkness.

About Nathan Day: Nathan Day has been called a Renaissance Man, passionately expressing himself as an actor, director, screenwriter, songwriter, producer of film and music and now author. A Kentucky native, he won The Young Author’s Award in the fourth grade and harbors an obsession for telling and collecting stories through any medium. He has appeared in over 30 film and television projects including Stash and Bulletsong, the latter of which he also wrote and directed. Orphan: Surfacing and the Orphan Saga are his first published work.


Follow Nathan Day on Twitter at: @akagenre
Follow Nathan on GoodReads at: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/64512889-nathan-day

Cover Art and Illustration Reveal for Stephen Zimmer’s The Undying Light!

Seventh Star Press is proud to unveil the brand new cover art from Matthew Perry for The Undying Light, Book Four of the Rising Dawn Saga from award-winning author Stephen Zimmer.

The Undying Light will be released in eBook and softcover formats at the end of June.

The Undying Light continues the cross-genre saga as the darkness of the Abyss spreads across a world in turmoil.   Reeling from a pandemic, economic instability and a war between the world’s greatest powers, people of all nations look with hope toward a fast-rising light who leads the World Summit’s Peace Commission: Kaira Antipalos.  Those closest around her know that she is the realization of the Convergence, the final step in bringing the entire world into one political and economic order.

The UCAS is now divided as the fire of revolution sweeps across the south and midwest.  Rebel provinces uniting in common cause prepare for the inevitable response of a wounded, angered UCAS government; one that tightens its hold upon its remaining territory with force, unprecedented surveillance and the new technology called Living ID.

Within this time of conflict and fear, individuals must choose to make their own stands:  Among them, Benedict makes his way from UCAS territory carrying the knowledge of a horrifying discovery about the Nephilim made while in UCAS detention. Gregory leads rebel forces along the borders of the free provinces.  Skylar uses her rare gift on behalf of the Shield Maidens to go on an unusual quest, one with implications for every living thing in the world.

Time is running ever shorter as Diabolos presses the war that began before time itself.  As realms of all natures fall under the shadow of the Abyss and the power of Death itself is brought to fullness, the only thing that stands in the way of Darkness’ final victory is the Undying Light.

About the author: Stephen Zimmer is an award-winning author and filmmaker whose works include cross-genre Rising Dawn Saga, the epic fantasy Fires in Eden series, the Hellscapes short stories, the steampunk Harvey and Solomon Tales, and the sword and sorcery Rayden Valkyrie stories.  Stephen resides in Lexington and can be found at www.stephenzimmer.com  You can also follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/stephenzimmer7 or twitter @sgzimmer

SSP Proudly Reveals Cover Art and Release Information for Selah Janel’s Olde School!

Seventh Star Press is proud to reveal the cover art by Jason C. Conley for Selah Janel’s Olde School, Book One of the cross-genre series The Kingdom City Chronicles!

Olde School introduces you to Kingdom City, which has moved into the modern era. Run by a lord mayor and city council (though still under the influence of the High King of The Land), it proudly embraces a blend of progress and tradition. Trolls, ogres, and other Folk walk the streets with humans, but are more likely to be entrepreneurs than cause trouble. Princesses still want to be rescued, but they now frequent online dating services to encourage lords, royals, and politicians to win their favor. The old stories are around, but everyone knows they’re just fodder for the next movie franchise. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as magic. It’s all old superstition and harmless tradition.
Illustration by Jason C. Conley for
Selah Janel’s Olde School

Bookish, timid, and more likely to carry a laptop than a weapon, Paddlelump Stonemonger is quickly coming to wish he’d never put a toll bridge over Crescent Ravine. While his success has brought him lots of gold, it’s also brought him unwanted attention from the Lord Mayor. Adding to his frustration, Padd’s oldest friends give him a hard time when his new maid seems inept at best and conniving at worst. When a shepherd warns Paddlelump of strange noises coming from Thadd Forest, he doesn’t think much of it. Unfortunately for him, the history of his land goes back further than anyone can imagine. Before long he’ll realize that he should have paid attention to the old tales and carried a club.

Darkness threatens to overwhelm not only Paddlelump, but the entire realm. With a little luck, a strange bird, a feisty waitress, and some sturdy friends, maybe, just maybe, Padd will survive to eat another meal at Trip Trap’s diner. It’s enough to make the troll want to crawl under his bridge, if he can manage to keep it out of the clutches of greedy politicians.
Illustration by Jason C. Conley for
Selah Janel’s Olde School

Olde School will be released in eBook formats, including for the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBookstore tomorrow, with trade paperback to be available next week!

For further information on Selah Janel, Olde School, or the Kingdom City Chronicles, please visit her site at www.selahjanel.wordpress.com or Seventh Star Press at www.seventhstarpress.com


About Selah: Selah Janel has been blessed with a giant imagination and a love of story since she was little and convinced that fairies lived in the nearby state park or vampires hid in the abandoned barns outside of town. Learning to read and being encouraged by those around her only made things worse. Her work ranges from e-books to traditional print, and she prefers to write every genre at once rather than choose just one. The stories Holly and Ivy, The Other Man, and Mooner are available online through Mocha Memoirs Press. Her work has also been included in The MacGuffin, The Realm Beyond, Stories for Children Magazine, The Big Bad: an Anthology of Evil, Thunder on the Battlefield: Sorcery, The Grotesquerie, and the short story collection Lost in the Shadows, co-written with S.H. Roddey. She likes her music to rock, her vampires lethal, her fairies to play mind games, and her princesses to have adventures and hold their own.

Catch up with her thoughts and projects at www.selahjanel.wordpress.com

Brick Marlin Welcomed to SSP Author Family!

Seventh Star Press is proud to welcome Brick Marlin to its author family with a fascinating horror/cross-genre series of three books titled Transitional Delusions!

The first book of the series, Transitional Delusions, introduces readers to the small town of Woodbury, which wears a dark shroud, a past in which speaks of a stranger who once called himself the Pied Piper ridding out a rat infestation long ago. Executed by the king, a selfish tyrant, who could not fathom the thought of another stealing his spotlight, the Piper swore vengeance.

Tonight, decades later, the shadow out of the sky, the evil entity of the Pied Piper returns. It cleaves into the flesh of each and every child, possessing them, using them as puppets, moving their strings, making them not only slaughter their parents, but each and every adult.

And the horror does not cease there; a living, breathing terror that spreads into the next town of Hampshire, leaving Woodbury a crimson stain on the map.  Repeating the same dread, the entity swoops down, opens up fresh wounds, invading the population and, of course, snatching up the children as his followers.

Dean, Wendy, and her husband Shro, as well as a few others including a Christian woman named Martha who has joined their group, embark on this dreaded tale of survival as they shove their way through this story fighting not only the possessed children, still chasing them at full throttle.

With the Lord in her heart, a reloaded shotgun resting in her arms, Martha decides to go after the shadow out of the sky and its followers…

Other titles in the Transitional Delusions series are: Westersphere and Slader Corp. The first book will be released in Summer of 2014, with subsequent titles at the end of 2014 and early 2015. The books will be released in trade paperback and all eBook formats.

“I wanted to work with SSP because I truly believe they are one of the very best small presses out there, lead by an owner who goes out of the way to promote and work extremely hard for authors,” Brick said about coming aboard the press.

Residing in the Louisville, Ky. area, Brick Marlin has been writing since he was a child, with main influences such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Dean Koontz, Charles Dickens, Harper Lee, H.G. Wells, and W.W. Jacobs. His main focus is in the horror and dark fantasy genre. A member of the Horror Writers Association, Brick was first published in 2007, and now has a number of novels and nearly twenty-five short stories published with small presses.

To find out more about Brick, check out his website on: http://www.brickmarlin.com/

Seventh Star Press is a publisher of speculative fiction based in Lexington Kentucky. For further information on the press or the forthcoming Brick Marlin titles, please visit www.seventhstarpress.com