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Announcing D.A. Adams’ Between Dark and Light Virtual Tour

For Immediate Release Februrary 6, 2013 Seventh Star Press proudly announces the Between Dark and Light Virtual Tour featuring author D.A. Adams from February 18th to March 16th.  The tour will feature a wide range of activities at a number of great speculative fiction blog sites, including guest posts, interviews, character interviews, excerpts, promotional spotlights, and many reviews. Between Dark and Light is the fourth book in the increasingly popular and highly-acclaimed Brotherhood of Dwarves Series.  The latest installment in the YA fantasy series is now available in eBook and softcover formats, and a special limited hardcover edition is going to be announced and made available for ordering during the tour! Between Dark and Light also brought back the talents of award-winning artist Bonnie Wasson, who created the cover and new interior illustrations.  Her artwork for the series landed an  Artist Choice Award for Best Warrior in the 2012 Dragon*Con Art Show, for the cover artwork of the first book, The Brotherhood of Dwarves. Below is the schedule of dates, blog sites, and activities for the Between Dark and Light Tour:   2013 Between Dark and Light Virtual Tour 2/18 I Smell Sheep                                  Guest Post 2/19 Watch Play Read                            Interview 2/20 Read 2 Review                                Character Interview 2/21 Page Turner Book Tours                 Contest/Giveaway 2/22 The Oaken Bookcase                      Excerpt 2/22 Louann Carol                                    Promo/Spotlight 2/23 GMTA UK                                          Interview/Excerpt 2/24 The Independent Review                  Review 2/25 From the Bootheel Cotton Patch      Excerpt 2/26 Beauty in Ruins                                 Guest Post 2/27 Full Moon Bites                                  Character Interview 2/28 Ali’s Bookshelf                                    Review 3/1 Bee’s Knees Reviews                         Review 3/2 Bookishly Me                                       Excerpt/Spotlight 3/3 SpecMusicMuse                                  Review 3/4 GMTA                                                   Excerpt 3/5 Angela Meadon                                     Interview 3/5 D Renee Bagby Presents YA First Chapters        Excerpt 3/6 Pandragon Dan                                    Review 3/6 A Book Vacation                                   Excerpt and Contest 3/7 Lost Inside the Covers                         Review 3/8 Darlene’s Book Nook                           Guest Post 3/9 Sheila Deeth                                         Guest Post 3/10 John F. Allen                                       Promo/Spotlight 3/10 Spellbindings                                      Review 3/11 Workaday Reads                               Review 3/12 Celticlady’s Reviews                          Promo/Spotlight 3/12 Horsham Writers Circle                     Review/Interview 3/12 The One Saga                                    Review/Excerpt 3/13 WTF Are You Reading                       Review 3/13 Beagle Book Space                            Promo/Spotlight 3/14 Urban Fantasy Reviews                     Guest Post 3/15 The Cabin Goddess                            Fourth Wall Friday 3/16 Jess Resides Here                              Review For further information on D.A. Adams releases or Seventh Star Press, please visit www.seventhstarpress.com or the author’s site at: www.daadams.com     Contact: C.C. James Public Relations, Seventh Star Press ccjames (at) seventhstarpress.com Seventh Star Press is a small press publisher of speculative fiction located in Lexington Kentucky  

SSP’s Christmas Week Amazon Kindle Open House! Free eBooks All Week!

From December 24-28th, SSP has an open house on Amazon Kindle including all of its authors who have eBooks available! Many genres and styles available! All books include cover art and interior artwork from the award-winning artists Matthew Perry and Bonnie Wasson! The free books include the following (along with additional titles available for sale from each author): Spook House by Michael West (horror, a Harmony, Indiana Novel. Other Harmony Indiana tales include the novel Cinema of Shadows, and the short stories Goodnight, and For the River is Wide and the Gods Are Hungry. Michael's urban fantasy series The Legacy of the Gods includes Book One, Poseidon's Children) http://www.amazon.com/Spook-House-ebook/dp/B009SS33VS
Redheart by Jackie Gamber (YA Fantasy, Book One of the Leland Dragon Series. Book Two, Sela, is available) http://www.amazon.com/Redheart-Leland-Dragon-Series-ebook/dp/B004VFNJIA
Haunting Obsession by R.J. Sullivan (Paranormal Thriller, A Rebecca Burton Novella. Also available from R.J. is Backstage Pass, a Rebecca Burton Short Story) http://www.amazon.com/Haunting-Obsession-ebook/dp/B008Y2SVS4
The Brotherhood of Dwarves by D.A. Adams (YA Fantasy, Book One of the Brotherhood of Dwarves Series. Book Two, Red Sky at Dawn, Book Three, The Fall of Dorkhun, and Book Four, Between Dark and Light are also available) http://www.amazon.com/The-Brotherhood-of-Dwarves-ebook/dp/B0076OCAKG
Angelkiller by H. David Blalock (Urban Fantasy, Book One of the Angelkiller Triad. Book Two, Traitor Angel, is also available) http://www.amazon.com/Angelkiller-The-Triad-ebook/dp/B006CR84AI
Overkill by Steven Shrewsbury (Sword and Sorcery, a Gorias La Gaul Story. Other available Gorias La Gaul tales include the novel Thrall, and the short stories Author and Finisher of Our Flesh, Beginning of the Trail, and Insurmountable) http://www.amazon.com/Overkill-ebook/dp/B007X0G9IW
Crown of Vengeance by Stephen Zimmer (Epic Fantasy, Book One of the Fires in Eden Series. Book Two, Dream of Legends, and Book Three, Spirit of Fire, are also available, as well as the short stories set in the same world, including Lion Heart, Land of Shadow, and Into Glory Ride. Stephen's urban fantasy series, The Rising Dawn Saga, includes Book One, The Exodus Gate, Book Two, The Storm Guardians, and Book Three, The Seventh Throne, as well as the short story set in the same world, Temples Rising.)http://www.amazon.com/Crown-Vengeance-Fires-Eden-ebook/dp/B0039PU8EQ The seven titles spotlighted above are free on Kindle the entire week from Monday through Friday! Spread the word and load up your brand new Kindles!

D.A. Adams New Brotherhood of Dwarves Series Novel: Cover Reveal

For Immediate Release December 14, 2012 Seventh Star Press is proud to reveal the new cover art from Bonnie Wasson for the highly-anticipated Between Dark and Light, D.A. Adams' fourth book in the acclaimed Brotherhood of Dwarves Series.  The editor for the new fantasy novel was Philip Hopkins, who handled the editing duties for the previous title in the series, The Fall of Dorkhun. Between Dark and Light continues the adventures of the dwarf Roskin, and the stakes have never been greater.  The Great Empire has surrounded the Kiredurks and are preparing to conquer the kingdom, but unknown to them, Kwarck, the mysterious hermit of the plains, has his own plan in action. To the east, he has summoned an elven army and charged Crushaw with leading them into battle. To the south, Roskin will gather an army from the fractured Ghaldeon lands. But to the west, an ancient and powerful evil stirs. The Great War is about to errupt, if Roskin can overcome the Dark One... The character-driven fantasy series which begins with The Brotherhood of Dwarves, and was continued with Red Sky at Dawn and The Fall of Dorkhun, has seen a steady growth in its international readership, becoming one of the best-selling franchises at Seventh Star Press.  Between Dark and Light will be released in eBook, softcover, and limited hardcover editions. All editions will include interior illustrations from the award-winning Bonnie Wasson, whose cover art for the first book in the series, The Brotherhood of Dwarves, won the Artist Choice Award for Best Warrior at the 2012 Dragon*Con Art Show. The eBook version will be available on Kindle and Nook in the coming week, followed by the softcover edition.  A pre-order window for the 75 copy limited hardcover will be announced shortly. A blog tour in support of Between Dark and Light will be taking place in February/March of 2013. For further information on the Brotherhood of Dwarves Series, Seventh Star Press, and its titles, please visit www.seventhstarpress.com, or the author’s site at www.daadams.com
Contact: C.C. James Public Relations, Seventh Star Press ccjames (at) seventhstarpress.com Seventh Star Press is a small press publisher of speculative fiction located in Lexington Kentucky

SSP Artist Bonnie Wasson Wins at Dragon*Con Art Show!

We would like to congratulate SSP artist Bonnie Wasson on winning the Artist Choice Award for Best Warrior in the Dragon*Con Art Show for her cover art of an SSP title, D.A. Adams' The Brotherhood of Dwarves! Bonnie created all of the cover art and illustrations seen in the SSP editions of D.A. Adams' Brotherhood of Dwarves Series, in addition to the new paranormal thriller, Haunting Obsession, from R.J. Sullivan. Congratulations Bonnie!